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Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting – Save thousands on installation – No digging, No cables, No mains connection, No ongoing energy costs, Zero emissions.

Installing mains powered street, park and security lighting can be an expensive business involving trenching cabling and resurfacing. The chances of hitting existing underground services is an ever present risk.

Consider the Save Energy solar street light options.  Our stand alone solar powered lighting offers the following benefits:

  • eliminates any associated electricity bills
  • increases public safety and aids in providing a safe working environment in areas where mains power is difficult to access
  • fully automatic operation
  • high quality construction and components
  • designed for easy servicing and maintenance where required

System Operation

Solar panels mounted on the top of the pole convert sunlight into electricity which is used to charge a deep cycle battery.

A solar controller/regulator ensures that the battery is charged in the most effective manner and not overcharged. The controller senses when the sun goes down and turns on the light.

The controller can be programmed to run the light all night, or for the required time duration. The controller also protects the battery from over discharge.

How do they work?

The solar street light systems consists of four basic components:


Save Energy solar street lighting systems use the most advanced energy efficient lighting technologies. Save Energy luminaire and lamp combinations have all been tested and certified for light output and compliance with all relevant current Australian public lighting standards. Full testing documentation is available including Iso Lux diagrams and pole spacing tables. A wide range of light fittings is available for selection including most standard style luminaires to match existing installations.

The pole and array frame:

These are available in a range of designs including Standard Roadway, Heritage, Federation, and contemporary, or designed to customers requirements for project quantities. The array frame has a modern sleek design which being built of sheet steel provides vandal protection to the rear of the solar panels. Poles are available with City logos incorporated into the light arm.

All the various pole styles are available with slip bases and certified to meet Australian standards for roadside fitment, rag bolt bases are available for parkland settings or areas not adjacent to roadways.

All poles are certified to current Australian wind loading standards, and documentation is available on request. All components are hot dip galvanised and are available in a range of tough powder coated colours to order. A grid connected solar light looks like any conventional solar light, the pole is typically 6m high, with a range of luminaires available. solar panel ~ 1m. Sq on top generally above line of sight, public comment is invariably favourable. Additionally the system is totally reliable and has a long life expectancy (solar panels are warranted for 20+ years) and lighting 100,000 hours.

Solar panels:

Only premium quality solar panels are used generally supplied by Kyocera Solar Australia. The size and number of the panels are matched to the inverter, and designed for different regions so that the amount of energy generated over a year is balanced to the energy used in powering the light meaning the system is energy neutral. This is the most desirable situation as accruing excess credits with an energy utility will have no benefit in a long term system.


Save Energy will only configure a solar street light system with a  high quality battery with applicable discharge capacity for long-life operation.

For a detailed lighting diagram and light specifications,
please click the following links:

Satellite LED Solar Pole SEA

SAT-24S Spec Sheet – EN

Solar Street Light Applications

Ideal for Government Departments and Local Shire Councils. Applications include Public Open Spaces and problem area’s, Parks and Reserves, Car Parks, Safety & Security, Camp grounds & Truck Stops, Paths and Cycleways, Mining & Industry, Railway Crossings, Portable & Temporary lighting and Remote communities, in fact Solar Lighting has unlimited possibilities so Contact Us now for a tailored quotation to suit your requirements.

Councils and local government:

Solar lighting for streets, parks, paths, open spaces, jetties and boat ramps.

Government (eg: Department of Main Roads and Transport):

Solar lighting for remote intersections, car parks, paths, jetties, pontoons and boat ramps.

Railway companies:

Solar lighting for crossings, paths, black spots and security lighting.

Mining and energy companies:

Solar lighting for roads, intersections, black spots, work areas, railway crossings and security lighting.

Contractors and construction companies:

Temporary and relocate-able solar lighting for road works, construction, and security lighting.

Private companies:

Solar lighting for car parks, paths, work areas, minor roads and security lighting.


Solar lighting for industrial estates and new residential subdivisions.


Solar lighting for resorts, caravan parks, camp grounds and marinas.

Ports, wharfs and maritime authorities:

Solar lighting for foreshores, marinas, pontoons, docks and security lighting.


Solar lighting for paths, minor roads, intersections, flag lighting, perimeter lighting and security lighting