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large-scale solar projects across WA We deliver premium

Commercial Expertise

The Save Energy commercial solar team have sold over 5000KW of solar power in Western Australia over the past 4 years. Save Energy offer sound advice on how to save energy and advise on quality renewable energy solutions for your business needs.

We can arrange a full detailed audit of your business and advise you on the most cost effective solution to save energy, money and help the environment. With our wide range of knowledge in the energy field, our experts can advise you about the various technologies available.

Project Experience

Save Energy have constructed some of Western Australia’s largest solar sites, under stringent conditions demanded by Horizon Power and Western Power as well as large-scale off-grid solutions.

Premium Solar Technologies

Using only premium solar technologies, offering the most efficiency, reliability and lifetime performance. Partnered with leading manufactures Sunpower (USA) and Solarworld (Germany) who continually set new industry benchmarks for solar excellence.

Large Scale Solar Solutions

Save Energy has local engineering and project management expertise, providing remote businesses with a cost-effective way to generate and store power, with 48-hour response to system faults.


Site safety and traffic management are of paramount importance. Our experience in installing at numerous commercial locations, without disruption to operations or public access demonstrates our ability to manage large complex projects of this nature.

Commercial Services

Solar Genset Fuel Saver

Diesel gensets and photovoltaic technology can be combined in perfect harmony. Although these technologies have rarely been in demand by the same users in the past, combining them has now become extremely beneficial technically, ecologically and, last but not least, in terms of cost effectiveness.

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Solar Street Lighting

Save thousands on installation, No digging, No cables, No mains connection, No ongoing energy costs, Zero emissions. Save Energy’s solar street lighting systems use the most advanced energy efficient lighting technologies, tested and certified for light output and compliance with all relevant current Australian public lighting standards.

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