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Tindo Solar Panels – Australian Made

 Tindo Karra 240W, AC Solar panels

Tindo Solar’s new AC solar panels use a micro inverter embedded onto the back of each panel, which converts DC electricity to AC at the panel. This eliminates the need for having a central inverter and provides a number of benefits. They represent a technologically advanced and innovative solar option made right here in Australia.

Here are 10 reasons why Tindo solar panels are great:

  1. Australian made and owned
    The solar panels are manufactured in South Australia. Questions, warranty issues or problems, they’re in Adelaide so easy to contact.
  2. Performance is improved
    Each solar panel has the inverter embedded into the back of it, this means that each panel can be optimised through individual maximum power point tracking (MPPT). In a solar system with a centralised string inverter the system is optimised through a central point and the output can be effected by under-performing panels, particularly in cases of low light, shading or panel mismatch.
  3. Design is simplified and more flexible
    The solar panels don’t need to be configured in series strings like traditional systems meaning that it is easier to take advantage of all appropriate roof areas. Particularly useful where there are small roof areas or different facing roves.
  4. Safety
    This type of solar system is regarded as being safer than a standard centralised inverter system. It eliminates the need for high voltage DC cable runs and associated DC safety equipment like circuit breakers and fuses. The installer only needs to deal with low DC voltages, with standard AC cabling used to transport the converted electricity back to the switchboard.
  5. Quicker installation
    By taking much of the DC components out of the solar system, it reduces the time and costs involved with installation. The Tindo solar panel’s inbuilt frame also adds to the speed in which this panel can be installed.
  6. System reliability is also improved
    The Enecsys micro inverter comes with a 20-year warranty (most competitors have a 5-10 year warranty). Enecsys solar micro inverters use the more reliable long life thin film capacitors instead of the standard electrolytic capacitors used in most other inverters. In the case of an inverter failure, the rest of the system will continue to operate with a small output reduction, compared to a centralised inverter where the whole system goes down.
  7. System monitoring
    Provided with Tindo solar systems. The Enecsys micro-inverter allows you to upload system performance details onto the internet, where you can monitor the whole system’s performance, as well as how each individual panel is performing. This is also handy when identifying issues should they arise.
  8. Easy expandability
    A great feature of the Tindo module; panels can be added very simply. There is no need for over sizing inverters or having to wire in a new inverter when you wish to increase your solar systems size. Panels can be easily installed one at a time with no series string considerations to worry about. This enables you to grow your system over time, as your needs change and within your financial budget. So you can add one panel or 100 panels, it’s easy!
  9. Quality components
    Everyone will tell you that you are getting high quality components in your solar system. Not everyone lists the component manufacturers and providers. Tindo does, from French glass, an aluminum junction box, Bridgestone laminate and Dupont’s Tedlar backsheet, everything is top of the line. (see Tindo solar brochure for more details).

10. Australia’s Best Performing Solar Cells

Q-Cells UMG performance. Q Cells are a German company regarded as a premium provider and leader in solar manufacturing. The Tindo solar panel incorporates the UMG Q-cells solar cell. At the Desert Knowledge, government funded solar testing site Alice Springs, the UMG Q-cells outperform all other standard crystalline modules, in some cases by over 10%

Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre – crystaline solar panel comparison over two months

Desert Knowledge Australia, the Australian Government, the Northern Territory Government and the project managers, CAT Projects do not endorse, and accept no legal liability whatsoever arising from, or connected to, the outcomes and conclusions associated with the use of data from the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre.

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